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The studio will focus on two main subjects; Practical Healthy Cooking & Compact Home Cleaning appliances. The semester will start with a 
deep research to both understand the needs and the expectations of the 
users and to investigate the gaps and opportunities in the market. Students should focus on ideas through answering a need/problem of the user or enhancing/changing their habits with an innovative approach. As a result of their findings, students are expected to propose an innovative and competitive ‘kickstarter’ product scenario and convince the jury for the potential of their idea. After the selection of the ideas, each student will focus on one of the subjects and design & develop the project in 
accordance with the user needs and production techniques.



Project collaboration with ERNA MAŞ
Practical Healthy Cooking - Compact Home Cleaning

How do Veggie’m begin?

The idea of Veggie’m’s started with an interview with a mom who had 2 years old baby. She told about preparing almond milk because she oftenly prepares for her baby and herself. So she complained that it is too much tiring because of the cleaning the kitchen materials etc. 

After the interviews and extensive research about almond milk it was noticed that actually all plant milk’s (exept soy milk) preparation stages are the same. And all those milks has too much benefit to human health.

What does Veggie’m offer?

Veggie’m offers you to prepare all those meals in a easy way. It saves you from time wasting and offers healthy foods. While using Veggie’m is easy prepare healthy foods for you and your family and it’s also easy to clean. 
You don’t need to use too much kitchen materials because Veggie’m has all inside.


What does Veggie’m prepare?

Plant Milk

Waste Pulp
-Almond halvah
-In to a salad



Home Made Nutella

Vegan Burger / Falafel


Coconut Oil

Veggie Juice

Users - Benefits

-Families with children
-People in regime
-People who has lactos allergy

-Reduces cancer 30%
-Digestion easier than animal milk
-Recommended in diet
-Diabetic patients
-Recommended to people who has cholesterol
and heart vascular disability



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