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Trifold | tray is designed to YapıKredi Culture and Art
building with the idea of supporting people to 

This place makes too much seminers and 
exhibitions and it had a huge space in it but it 
was not well organized. Trifold has the 
qualification of orgabize this space and gather 
the people around when there is an activity. 
Also its folsable at it goes not take too much 
space when its closed and it takes too many 
people around when its open. The process taked
around 5 months with thinking the need of the 
building and analysing the chracter of it to
design harmoniously also in the other hand we
analysed the workshop that we were working to
produce the product. When all the researches
and prototipes were done we produced the
product with Efsane Aydınlatma.

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