Project Description:
Designing a sitting support (without a backrest) and a surface for eating, drinking for outdoor of a coffee / tea shop.


The definition of the context and particular user scenario will be guiding the design. Considering context of use and its requirements, observing and defining the users.


-Thinking of how the product will fit into daily life and environment

-Thinking of how the product will physically interact with user and how it will be used/handled/sat on etc.


Material constraints are one of the main challenges of the project. It's only allowed to use metal and wood, and only in form of sheet and profiles (o the shelf). For bringing your elements together, it's not allowed to use mechanical fixings (such as nails or screws) or glues.

This stool is designed for ourdoor coffeshops. It can be easily stocked and it can also easily carry a 100 kilogram person. No auxiliary staff is required, except for a mallet to install.

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